Mental Focus For Figure Skaters: Keep It Simple Skater “KISS”

Figure Skating - Sports PsychologyFigure skaters often find themselves getting distracted and losing focus when training.  It is not unusual to zone out during a lesson and not hear what the coach is saying.  With a lot of other skaters on the ice, the music playing, and so many other things going on, it is easy to find yourself zoning out.  Most skaters are easily distracted by friends coming up to talk to them or by concerning themselves with what everyone else is doing.  I often observe skaters standing by the wall and watching other skaters or chit-chatting instead of staying focused and training.

My simple rule for staying focused is to Keep it Simple Skater or the simply “KISS”.  Don’t concern yourself with what everyone else is doing or saying.  Only concern yourself with what you need to do.  Don’t worry about what another skater is working on or what jump your competitor is working on.

Simply worry about yourself and your own jumps.  Don’t become the investigator of the rink; it should not matter to you what anyone else is doing or thinking.  Don’t become the psychic of the rink, just because someone is whispering, does not mean that they are whispering about you.

Don’t become the mother of the rink; your job is not to take care of anyone other than yourself.  By keeping it simple, you will stay focused and not get distracted.

One way to stay mentally focused in figure skating is by maintaining a journal.  A journal will serve two purposes, first it will keep you on track, and second it will allow you to look back and see how much you have accomplished over the past few weeks or months.  Always have your daily goals decided on before arriving at the rink.  Check them off as you complete them, but don’t mark them out and never tear out the pages.  When you doubt yourself, you can look back through your journal and it will help you realize just how great you really are.

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