Figure Skating Confidence

Figure Skating PsychologyThe question that I am asked most by parents is, “How can I help my figure skater have more confidence?”  The answer is actually quite easy.  Preparation is the key to everything involved with figure skating, especially figure skating confidence.

Confidence is something that comes from within, it is only attainable once you are mentally strong and physically prepared.  Competitive figure skaters normally train 6 days per week, most will train both morning and afternoon.  Many hours are spent learning jumps, spins, footwork, etc. But what about mental training and actual preparation?

All figure skaters ask the same question, over and over again – what if………? My answer is always the same, not what if, but when!  What if my music doesn’t work?  Do you have extra copies?  What if I forget my program?  Have you been doing interpretive practice?  What if I fall?  Do you trust in your training?  What if I can’t breathe during my program?  Have you been running through your program daily?

The list goes on and on!  For every possibility there is a solution.  If you are mentally tough and prepared, you can handle anything that is thrown your way.

Confidence in figure skating comes from trusting in your preparation.  Confidence in figure skating comes from knowing that you are both physically strong and mentally strong.  What is the point of training your body without also training your mind?

Many coaches and skaters feel that figure skating is about 95 % mental game.  If that is the case, then why are you not spending 95% of your time on mental strengthening?

Figure skating confidence is easily attainable. When a figure skater is mentally strong, it shows in their performance, and in their skating ability.  When a figure skater is more confident, they go for every element, attempt every jump and skate with gusto.  They take the ice as if they own the ice, with their head held high and the ability to pull off an amazing performance!

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