Figure Skating Confidence

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The question that I am asked most by parents is, “How can I help my figure skater have more confidence?”  The answer is actually quite easy.  Preparation is the key to everything involved with figure skating, especially figure skating confidence. Confidence is something that comes from within, it is only attainable once you are mentally strong and physically prepared.  Competitive figure skaters normally train 6 … [Read more...]

Self Doubt in Figure Skating: Why Do I Pop So Many Jumps?

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Jumps can come and go; I call this going on jump vacation.  It is not uncommon for a jump to leave you for a while, only to return.  When skaters begin to do their doubles, triples and beyond, they learn the bad habit of “popping”.  Popping is very frustrating and discouraging for the skater and coach.  Popping is caused by the skater doubting themselves while in the jump; this is usually a split second … [Read more...]