Psychology of Figure Skaters

Figure Skating Psychology - Confidence

Figure skaters, coaches and parents are all concerned about understanding the psychology of figure skaters. The most common concern is how to keep a figure skater confident and not extremely nervous during competitions. It is important to understand that nerves and butterflies are somewhat normal during competitions, but being extremely nervous and anxious is not.  Normal butterflies and nerves are simply figure … [Read more...]

Figure Skating Confidence

Figure Skating Psychology

The question that I am asked most by parents is, “How can I help my figure skater have more confidence?”  The answer is actually quite easy.  Preparation is the key to everything involved with figure skating, especially figure skating confidence. Confidence is something that comes from within, it is only attainable once you are mentally strong and physically prepared.  Competitive figure skaters normally train 6 … [Read more...]

Self Doubt in Figure Skating: Why Do I Pop So Many Jumps?

Sports Psychology Figure Skating

Jumps can come and go; I call this going on jump vacation.  It is not uncommon for a jump to leave you for a while, only to return.  When skaters begin to do their doubles, triples and beyond, they learn the bad habit of “popping”.  Popping is very frustrating and discouraging for the skater and coach.  Popping is caused by the skater doubting themselves while in the jump; this is usually a split second … [Read more...]

Mental Focus For Figure Skaters: Keep It Simple Skater “KISS”

Figure Skating - Sports Psychology

Figure skaters often find themselves getting distracted and losing focus when training.  It is not unusual to zone out during a lesson and not hear what the coach is saying.  With a lot of other skaters on the ice, the music playing, and so many other things going on, it is easy to find yourself zoning out.  Most skaters are easily distracted by friends coming up to talk to them or by concerning themselves with what … [Read more...]

Mental Training For Figure Skaters – How To Control Your Nerves

Sports Psychology Figure Skating

Every athlete will experience butterflies and a case of the nerves at some time in their sport.  Figure skaters are no exception. In fact, I believe that only an extremely small percentage of figure skaters are able to honestly say that they do not get nervous.  The nerves or butterflies that set in before competition or testing are the type that can cause skaters to perform poorly. Without mental training, these … [Read more...]

Figure Skating Psychology: Compete Like You Train

Figure Skating Sports Psychology

It is not a secret that figure skaters do not compete often enough.  Most figure skaters will begin their season in the late spring or early summer and then end the season by Mid October.  The average number of competitions for a competitive figure skater is about 7 per year with them being compacted into a small amount of time. Most of the time is spent training and working on programs or moves.  This will … [Read more...]